Kashaf-al-karamat means the divine revelation with miraculous experiences. The divine revelations have been made by the great saint and powerful personality possessing batooni illim with radiant vision of brilliance blessed by God Almighty, none other than Jaan Ali Sai.

JaanAli Sai has written Kashaf-al-karamat which was compiled by his mureeds. The book is available in Sindhi language. It is only a guide and makes efforts to give enlightenment of Roohani Raah to the disciples of Dargah Sutiari Sharif and – Fakir Gullamallah. Under the grace of the present Gaadi Nashin, Fakir Muneer Sai, Gullamallahis continuously experience the existence of utmost faith.

Fakir Gullamallah Awal Governor Sahib as well as Jaan Mohammad Awal kept themselves at a distance from this fanaa - world. Auliya Sahib Gullamallah Second was also not in favour of expressing their powers and capacities or even photographs. As a result, their work never got widely circulated or published and their writings and thoughts have had limited availablility for ziyarat of their disciples.

However, fortunately, some written materials from Auliya Sahib Gullamallah’s dairies and papers have been assembled. Agam Bhed and Roohaani Mushaida, two of his works are in existence. Permission to express the Roohaani Mushaida in the form of a book was granted by Fakir Sai Gullamallah Paryal Sai. The language used by Auliya Sahib is Saraiki Sindhi Urdu version as well as Gurumukhi. Most important among these are the spiritual stages which Auliya Sahib revealed in his writings. These are beyond the understanding capacities of today’s generation in their fast and busy life, in this kaljug.

It is hearterning to know that precious wealth of photographs, kalaams, verses and directions in addition to personal experiences are all available after the time of the Jaan Ali Sai, the third grandson of Governor Sahib Gullamallah. Kashaf-al-karamat is a book filled with noble instructions and guidelines for mureeds.

The book highlights on the following aspects:

• Living a complete and a pure worldly life
• Being at bliss due to continuous remembrance of God
• Deviating oneself from Shaitani to Insaani traits
• Self-detachment from worldly objects in order to understand God
• Acceptance of a mureed by murshid
• Paving way to god to experience realm of bliss
• Rising oneself towards a spiritual field
• Management and control of senses along with mind and intellect.

The contents written in it are in fact an attack on the individual’s thought process to evolve into a good human-being. The book in its original form has its own depth of eloquence and profound influence to experience the divine.

Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.