Bismillah – il – Rehmaan – il - Rahim

Everything starts is in the name of God only,
the merciful, the benevolent.

Awal naam Allah ka

The first name is that of Allah

Dooja naam Mohammad ka

Second is that of Prophet Mohammad

Teeja naam Chan Yaran ka

Third name is that of his four friends.

Choutha kalam Rab ka

The fourth name is that of kalaam-e-allah. God has sent his man on earth to show his Mureed, the right path of life. That man of God is called Murshid.

Dooja naam Mohammad ka

Second is that of Prophet Mohammad

“Hudda hazrat peer ka Kada Sayad Sultan Ahmad ka Kabir ke kade kulabhe”

Murshid is blessed with Hudda i.e. the words of Hazrat Peer and Kada i.e. capacities of Sultan Ahmad - The Supreme and Kabir’s kade and kulabhe i.e. Kabirs powerful shield for his Mureed.

“Kul bala lohe ki zanzir”

All the problems of life and beyond life are like iron
shackles. These problems mean Nafz i.e. the Shaitan.

Kam krodh, lobh, moh, ahankar and Dozak.
“Na zanjir toote Na balaa chhoote kulabhe de utte balaa kaa dang chhoote.”

These shackles cannot be easily broken and these
problems cannot be easily resolved without the help
and blessings of murshid. These problems can be borne
by the murshid. Murshid is capable of taking the burden
of difficulties and problems of his mureeds.
This makes it clear that murshid is the powerful force
who can lead us to live a happy life and understand

Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.