(A great saint with radiant vision)


Jaan Ali Sai was among the greatest saints of Sindh, who with the light of roohani knowledge and fazul lighted many darkened hearts of people not only in Sindh but also beyond, in the whole world. Jaan Ali Sai was great grandson of Governor Sahib Gulam Allah Awal. Auliya Sahib, before the birth of Jaan Ali Sai, predicted that “Jaan Ali will be a fakir of the highest order who will occupy his throne at the highest peak in the sky. He will be capable to such an extent that like Hazrat Issa, and at that peak he will be chanting dua/prayers in the admiration of Sifat - e - Allah.

Fakir Jaan Ali Sai took issim - talkeen from his father, Aulya Sahib Gulaamallah Second. Fakir Jaan Ali Sai gave the faiz and fayaz to thirsty and needy people of roohani rah throughout his life spanning over 70 years. He was a born saint, blessed with roohani depth and vision and was engrossed in kalbi zikir (chanting of Isme-E-Illahi with beating of heart) immediately after his birth. In his kalaams, he has referred to himself by various names including Jaan Muhamad, Jaan Ali, Miskeen, Nawab, Laghari, etc. He believed that Sufis are fanaa - in love with God. In line with true Sufism teachings, he believed that name does not have any importance. One of his kalaam goes like this:
Har mazhab manjh aahi aaiyo (allah)
Naam nirala rakhai rab
Hindu, Muslim, Turk, Yahudi
Shumaar kare nathaa saghan lab

Names have no importance. God has come to Earth in various forms under various names in various religions including Hindu, Muslim, Turk and Yahudi. His births are uncountable and we should always remember that, he is one and the same.

Among his preachings are several writings including Kashaf-al-karamat,consisting of a compilation of several thousand verses about experiences as well as forevision and hidayat (reinforce/reiterate message) to the seekers about the way to God.
Fakir Jaanali Sai left for his resting place, ultimate makaam, in Chowkhandi at Dargah Sutiari, Tando Adam.

Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.