Murshid - The saviour of mureeds


Allah and Auliya: Allah is the God Almighty and Auliya is one near to God, also called the murshid. The eye of God is the eye of Kaamil Murshid (Guru), who alone can find the Mureed. Once you have become mureed and you want to proceed towards the way to God then you have to see God in the murshid and concentrate on that surat. You need to surrender yourself before murshid whole heartedly and your heart needs to be free from nafz (shaitani traits). This nafz creates hasti in the mind i.e., the power of having worldly belongings. Losing this hasti is called nisti, which can be achieved only with blessings, rahmat of Kaamil Murshid.

Auliya Sahib Gullamallah described many avenues (Roohani Raah – spiritual way; and Roohani Nazaara – spiritual scenery/vision) so that in future, their disciples can get directions and deep knowledge of (noorani deedar and noorani faiz – aura and blessings of a higher power) and even amulya hidayatun (warnings) in Chapter 4 of Roohani Mushaida.

Sai Gullamallah had foreseen during his life that in future his disciples may not get proper directions towards spiritual life (Roohani Raah) because of very busy and unethical life with all the struggles for luxurious living. Disciples need to understand the meaning of happiness which comes only and only with the help of Kaamil Murshid (Kaamil Guru), whom God has sent on earth with maximum spiritual capabilities.

urshid is the spiritual guide, the teacher and preacher of spirituality for the mureed. Without guidance of Guru/ Murshid one cannot proceed towards the path and the way to God. Once murshid takes mureed in his charge, he blesses his mureed by Issime-illahi. After this, with murshid’s grace, the mureed can engage into japa (isim, naam).

Each human being has got, within himself somewhere deep inside, a hidden witness (gaibi shaahid). This witness is our own conscience. The conscience’s voice is overshadowed by devilish powers and worldly circumstances that hinder humans from getting enlightenment and being able to listen to that secret voice. However, witnessing murshid, following his directions and preachings, can show a mureed the right way of overpowering those hurdles.

Murshid explains importance of God and purpose of taking birth as a human being on Earth. Eventually, the mureed becomes obedient, faithful and loyal to murshid, that faith in Guru is a faith in God. Murshid guides his mureed that God Almighty is the sole power - the creator, destroyer and the supreme master. This entire creation of the universe is under his sole command. Murshid blesses his mureed for creating patience (sabur) at the time of difficulty, be contended with whatever God has provided for his living (shukur) and have utmost faith (imaan) in God. Murshid creates enlightenment in the mind of his mureeds to differentiate wrong and right deeds. One has to suffer for his wrong deeds but chanting of issim regularly lightens his sufferings. Murshid has the capacity to forgive for wrongs done by the mureed. Murshid is an advocate for mureed before God Almighty after the death of mureed and on the day of kayamat.

Without the guidance of the spiritual guide i.e. murshid one cannot proceed towards the path of god. Also without His grace one cannot engage into Japa (Iism, naam). The subjective / bookish knowledge is of no use unless one engages into japa as guided by murshid. Murshid is the sole giver of right directions to mureeds for attaining inner purification in oneself.

Guru Gangaa Guru Bavraa Guru Sai avdhoot
Guru Jogi Guru Raajvi Guru Devan - ko - Dev
Kirpaa karke Aapni Hatave Jamdhoot
Miskeen Guru Bin koi - nahii
Jaa - ki - karau - sewaa
Satguru puraa Seviyaa Mastak jaagiyaa - Bhaagg

Auliya Sahib has explained in Ustati that guru is like the river Ganga, holy and pure by itself and always available to clean your sins. Guru is bavraa which means possessing unique powers. Guru is uchkoti-kaa-jogi, vairaagi (one who has full control over ones wishes; one who forgoes all worldly luxuries and pleasures). Guru is Badshaah and Devo-ka-Dev who overpowers nafz and takes care of his fukrah/mureeds. Guru showers his 24 25 grace even during the most difficult time, the time of death. He can help keep the death messengers (angels of yamdoot, from hell) away and ensure that one can have a peaceful death. Sai says that except Guru there is no one whom we can serve and worship. If we can really serve our Guru, it will be our fortune; rather we would be favoured by fortune if we can get to serve the Guru.

Jiski budhee maleen hai - kabahoo na soojhe so - i.

One who does not have right perception can never opt for obeying and serving Guru.

Satguru pooraa tab mile - jab nishchaa mann maahi hoi.

You will get kaamil murshid if you have strong urge and determination in your mind.
That time the power of murshid becomes impulsive and effective on his mureed and if one desires one can listen to his secret witness (conscience).

Sarb kalaa samrath Guru - prabhu
aiso deen dayaal.
Pee - e - Jin tumire daras moo -
maangoo beekh Jamaal.

Murshid has got farsighted vision and hukume-illahi to bless his mureeds by giving them issim-e-illahi. At that time he takes his mureed into his shelter. Murshid explains that God Almighty is the sole/ ultimate power. The ultimate purpose of human beings is to recognise that sole power and his solace. We have to pray to God and live our lives with shukrana for whatever God has provided us. We have to keep patience (sabur) in times of difficulty, not lose balance of mind ever and keep utmost faith in God who will definitely do well to us.

Murshid has experienced God Almighty. He is the messenger of God on Earth to act as a guide in insaanijamaa to support /bless/console his mureeds in their difficult times.

Human beings, in their lives make many mistakes and commit wrong deeds due to which they become restless. Murshid forgives them and gets them relieved of their 26 27 sufferings (maafi). In addition to this, even after one’s death on the day of kayamat, murshid is capacitated to stand side-by-side with his mureeds before God and get them relieved from hazards of dozak (hell).

Murshid has a unique relationship with God—a relationship that is irrational and yet divinely logical, idiosyncratic and yet thoughtfully individual.

Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.