Mureed’s devotion to Murshid


There is one old story of Umar-Marvi. Umar has taken away Marvi forcefully to his beautiful kingdom. He provides her all the luxuries of life. Marvi belonged to Malir village where she was in love with Maru.

Sai defines it like this:
  Umar jaan ablees’ khe - Maru jaan Mustafa Meer khe.
  Marvi jaan mushtaak khe - Jo tho rahe deedaar lai dilgeer.
  Maleer jaan mathaie mulik khe - bandikhano hiiu badan.
  Hiiu rooh sike tho hunn rooh laai - je kaddahin - na - kadhe kaihinji kaan.
  Athai zanjeroo laagaapaa jisim jaa - middiayoo munjhaaro paan.

In context to the above wordings by Sai, Marvi is Talib (seeker) her place of origin is Mulik Malir. Maru is murshid. Marvi is passionate about Maru, who is always keen for didar-darshan. At the same time, she is least interested in all the luxuries provided to her by Umar. Umar is shaitan who always diverts you (talib) away from God.

Sai quotes that all the attachments of body are like zanzeeru or bondages which keeps you away from murshid. So one should leave Umar and its privileges and be keen about Maru (murshid) because one has come only for a tour in this world and finally one has to go back to mulik malir i.e., one’s original place.

  Hee muluk-n-tuhinjo - aayo aahin sair karan laai.
  Sukh ddeii ddukh - a - vatthu - ta theen mahiboob vat manzoor
  Athai ddukhan putthia sukh - par - pahireen pai palav manjh ddukh
  Heen deelu ddukhan ujaario - taddah ta - thie sujaagg nind maa navab chave.

Sai says: this world is not ones permanent place to stay, so one should not indulge into the comforts/luxuries of life and only then will one be accepted by murshid/God. In fact, accepting life’s pains and difficulties will make 34 35 one sensible and awaken and strengthen oneself. First drive away the pleasures, accept the hardships and then in turn one will get happiness by the grace of Guru.

Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.