Verses about Mureed


Baare booto biyae’a Jo - jinihi kayo kalab saaf, tha tin khe diean naam.
Ta vathe tuhinji baanh - achi hotu hath - mein.
Byan dde akh khanii - nihaarij - n - naadhan.
Ta thii jaano-jaan - supree - a - saan sadaain.
Moggaa upaatte baee akhiyoo - rakhu nazar manjh nakaab.
Ta dissi tuun sadaai - uhaa - peshaani piriyen - a ji.

Those who burn the differences of thoughts and clear their mind, murshid will take them under his charge and bestow them naam (Isme – Illahi). One has to understand and accept the fact that there is no duality and that God is not separate from oneself. One can consider one’s atma or soul to be God. Let anybody wander anywhere as per their desire, but one should focus on the one and only, that is murshid. One should not drift ones thoughts as that will take one away from murshid. Keeping a watchful eye, we should concentrate to become one with murshid. Even with both the eyes wide open, we should keep our sight veiled to be able to view the sight of murshid.

Kaal missal kaasai jie - Jo kahin khe chadeendho kein n kee.
Paase raho unhien khaa - vatthi issme aiizam ji oat.
Kaatil kaddahi n chhaddeendo - achi ggole lahando Tokhe.
Parr je piyo dhanaar khe pato - t hoo chhaddaiendui kuhann khaa.
Dhaar n thiu dhanaar khaa - laggho (near) rahu sadai sandus gaddu.
Athai dhiyaan dhanaar jo - atthai pahar to manjh.
Tho tokhe sambhaale subhuh saanjhia - achiyo varai veeh dafaa.

Kaal is like a butcher. One can never escape from the hands of kaal (Devil –angel of death). One tries to keep away by securing oneself with isme-aiizam. Even then, he (kaal) will definitely search and catch hold of you. You cannot avert that devil. Murshid is aware of this and he will definitely rescue you from the clutches of kaal if it comes to his knowledge. Never become separate from the shelter of murshid because he is always attentive about the well-being of his mureeds, many times in a day, like a shepherd tending his cattle.

Re- Rahiber rulando rahande - tu jungli jaanwar jia.
Jin khe rehiber miliyo - tin khe jokho naahe.
Janali Chave; Aahe sayyed khe suprid kaee, khalk hi - a - khaalik

Without murshid you keep on wandering like a wild animal but with rahmat of murshid you will never be under the risk of the devil, so it would be wise to be a pet of murshid. God Almighty has bestowed all mureeds to Sayyed (Fakir Gulamallah)

Haadi a khaa hidaayat vathi - thiu rujoo rab saan.
T - thian puraa tuhinja matilab - awal aakhir jaa Janali chave.
Hee dum ajaaya n vijjaayo - mataan thio khuti kangal.
Na-ta-ta vaayidda vendai pat - agghiya kachahiri kareem ji - a - manjh.

Follow the instructions of guide (Murshid) and be the appellant before God so that later when you are presented before God for your deeds by your guru you should not feel disgraced. Therefore, do not waste a sinlge breath without His remembrance for achieving the purpose of your life. Your every breath is your real wealth; if you lose this wealth, one day you will become poor.

Je hakiki haalat manjh ruju thia - se chhutaa khaa shetan.

Those who surrender to God Almighty, He always keeps them away from shaitan, the disobeidient angel who has been dragged out of heaven.

Too yaad kar yaar khe - ta tokhe bi kare yaad yaar.
N - t - vendai jjatt- jjamaar - haiwaan wange vaaiddaa.
Haiwaan vat bi rooh aahe - fakat vatin ilim, akul, adab n - ahe.
Uthi hewaani hiris khaa - vaaidda vaando kar vajud.
Ta thie tuhinjo maksood - binhi jahaanan maijanali chave

Janali Sai says: If you remember God, God will remember you too. Else, your life will be wasted living a life like animals. It is true that animals also have a soul but they live without knowledge, intelligence and honour. So, wake up. Free yourself from animal instincts so that you can attain the purpose of life as a human being in this world and in the spiritual world.

Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.