Life and ways of living a good life


The way of wise living is renouncing with full clarity and determination those aspects of life which are deterrent to a full, wholesome life. In our ignorance and ego we spent an entire lifetime trapped in negativities and selfdefeating behavioural patterns. Broadly we remain ensnared in endless desires, undue attachments, coloured visions about others and the past and the future. Desire for wealth, power and fame never seem to be satiated, leading to discontent, frustrations and inner turmoil. The beauty of life remains untapped and life just passes by in a mindless pursuit of desires. We need to sincerely let go of our prejudices, grouses, biases, anger, and jealousy via reconditioning of our mind. This will be conducive to a healthy, equilibrium life.

A peaceful life is essentially a simple one. To be simple is not something external, we have to become simple and natural from within, be open to our own internal self 40 41 and perform actions knowing where they are leading to, being open to our internal selves connects us to the fantastic inner world wherein a sage dwells within each one of us . Once connected to this sage, our decisions are taken from deep within. Once we simplify and take decisions from deep within, infuse discipline in our lives and stop enacting dramas in our relationships, we are all at peace and free. We then experience happiness. Life becomes an expression of divine calmness.

A man while expressing himself in any aspect of life must have proper control over himself. He must have proper control over his sensory and motor organs. Sense control as well as thought control (by understanding our mind) will enable us to become masters of our desires. Not in a life-denying way but in a way that is life-affirming, being able to enjoy without causing harm to yourself or others.

The verse:
Dildar je achan kha aggu - paida thiyo Dijal. Poi parvardigar paida kayo priie a khe - Jo kando zaalim khe zavaal.

Dijal (The Devil) exists before Dilldar (The Noble). When the false illusions of devil reaches its peak, then miracles happen and Parverdigar (God) creates his beloved messenger who brings the destruction of evil. The devil is a deceiver, backstabber and accuser.

Duur raho dagaabaaz khaa - Jo dagaabaaz tho dagaau kare, Ahe tahinje hath manjh - tamah vaari tob.
Gilaakhor gilaaun khaa n rahando - tore ddiyos keddo piyaar.
Vaaghu a vaange achii virddhando - tavihaa saa, ddiindo ddeh manjh khuvari,
Chugul lai chaggaa chavan thaa - hun aggiaa chap Na chorio Jo hoo kando har handh khuvaari.
Un saa haalu orio - Jo huje bahaadur, burdibaar.
Koode khe tadde kadho - Hun saa avinhi rakho n yaari.
Mataa kanh vakit chaadhe, ochiti aafat avhaa mathaa.
Bad nazar khe baloch chave - hannoos hee - ye - manjh- khanjar.
Aakhir mae tamaa chave - kando pleet ku - karam.
Hu jaddah taddah - tavihaa khe ddiindo khuvaari. Hu t aahe shagird shaitani.

Keep yourself away from deceiver whose trait is to cheat. He holds with himself the weapons of greedy desires. The one who backstabs will not keep himself away from bad mouthing inspite of all good done to him. He would rebel at you and create confusion amongst people around. Generally it is said that we should not interact with backbiters for they would disclose all your shared secrets. Keep yourself away from such people who would cause troubles. Share your words only with mature, bold and realistic people. Sai says: Immoral persons are not worthy of keeping relationship. They are followers of devil.

Kinaro kar kood khaa - rahu tu shaamil sach saa.
Kadah n kar kapat kanh saa - sabh saa sacho vahinvaar kar.
Laah n lajj paraai - iho athai aziim gunaah.
Baazun je porhe maa - misikeen khe khaaraa - e piyaare khush kar.
Aadhar de ajiz khe - je hujan laa vaaris.
Uthi madad kar mariizan khe - je hujan
sakiim Motai n mahimaan khe - khaaraa e kadhos pet bhare.

Be away from falsehood. Live your life with honesty and truthfulness. Do not deceive any one. Do not humiliate others, for this is the greatest crime. Pay some portion of your hard earned money to those who are in dire need. Support the deprived orphans. Let the guest be honoured and fed to his full satisfaction.

Hathan saa haaj kar ai dil dde dildar khe - ta sadaai sukhiyo rahii.

You will be happy when you work hard involving your hands to its fullest and your heart in love with God.

Rab raazi taddah thiindo to saa - jaddah tu raazi kande rahiber khe.

God will be pleased with you only when your murshid is happy and satisfied with you.

Birih sawaai aahii bail jia - bandhan manjh athaie pukhita Neel (feet).
Chhotho bhogi behuda jail - chaare lai chaarai pahar.
Saait sukhu n sambhri kadah - hali hewaan ji - a - vail ku mahil.
Bhittiki behudaa umir vijjaaui - naalo nam jo hath na aayui.
Hikiro dam n daoos - bachaaui ruli rahie rozi - a laai.
Rozi razaak kai mesaak khaa mukarar - jaa mile thi harr hik khe aksar.
Rozi-a-lai ruleen tho ajaayo - vehi veraagi kar vakitu sajaayo.
Baaki aahin ddeenh ddoo - vari n disande hea bhoo.

All the time everyone is only after money and acquiring material objects. Like a bull, your limbs are tied up in bondage.

You have no compassion at all within you. Insane human, you have landed yourself into a jail, for acquiring fodder like a tied up bull. Living a life of haiwaan, you have never experienced a moment of bliss at any time of your life.

You have spent your life wandering shamelessly without sparing a moment ever remembering God, while God has already fixed livelihood for each and every creature before his taking birth in this world.

Oh foolish human; you have wasted every moment of your life procuring your daily needs and not a single breath in the remembrance of God. Moreover our livelihood is allocated by haadi (God) since the time of our birth and it is available for all accordingly.

Instead you keep worrying about your livelihood. Be confident and concentrate on God and utilise your time continuously in remembrance of God you will never see this earth again, for your existence here is very short.

Aye murikh murtubo manikh Jo - vaiida vari Na milando.
Tadah to khe pavando pato - jadah hee jism badilibo tuhinjo.
Hee jism janali chavey; theendo to te fariyadi - jahin ji kaee to barbaadi.
Aahe Allah insaanan manjh saaro samaayal - je uhaa chariyaa choreen kal,
Ta paagal sujjani paanh khe.

Oh foolish human; this birth of human being will not be honoured to you again and again. You will realize this when your life will come to an end.

Jaanali Sai says: your body will complain that you wasted its worth. God is embodied in all human beings if you ignore this reality, you are the fool yourself.

God is within you at the time of your taking birth and you have wasted the whole life without remembrance of God. If you had ever realized this earlier, then you could have utilized your own life in a more meaningful and purposeful manner.


Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.