Mind Control


The human mind must have one field or another to engage itself in. Unless it is given some inner field, the mind will not be in a position to retire itself from its external preoccupations. When an individual has withdrawn his mind from its usual sensual attachments, the mind comes to take hold of the subtler and divine theme of the self from its contemplation.

This condition of withdrawal from sense and entry of the mind into the self is called steadfastness or trustworthiness. Such an individual has integrated personality.

These verses indicate the state of mind in individuals:
Aajiz kayo aahey hin Mann mukhe - bhoo bhoo kare.
Harr harr achi virchaaye - tho roo roo kare.
Heu Mann misal makh jiaan - moh misal chashini.
Heu Mann mudaami makh jiaan - tho kutte pahinjo karam.
Tho vijjaaye deen dharam - laalach rakhi Lagaari chavey.
Vetar faasaaye tangu-baahun - hin nargg mein nawab chavey.
Mann ji maslahat vathu n - manjh - ee - ddees ddambh subuh saanjhi a.

Sai has compared mind with a house fly that never sits peacefully. The way a fly is attached to sweet and gets stuck in Chashini (i.e. sugar syrup), similarly the mind always gets stuck in Moh (that is attachment with worldly objects.) The consequence of the fly’s attachment to chashini is that its legs get stuck in it and its life becomes not less than a hell. Personifying mind and addressing Mureeds, Sai says the same happens with Insaan too. Our mind deserts us by buzzing all the time. It irritates us with its constant, non-stop whispering sound. Our mind is attracted and stuck to worldly things as the bee is attached to the chashini.

The bee, while struggling at the surface of sweet syrup, raises its limbs and beats its head to free itself. But on the contrary, it gets entangled more into the syrup, eventually becoming its prey. Similarly, our mind is also always entangled with the greed of worldly things, losing its attachment towards God. So, Sai advices us to avoid getting trapped into the lure of the mind and rather we should sting it.


Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.