Insaani Traits of Individuals


Human Being (Insaan)

Unlike humans, all other animals are born with a set of instincts that enable them to function independently from an early age. Their lifecycle is simple: mature, mate, struggle against the elements and eventually die. But, humans are born with advanced reasoning abilities and few instincts and have a finite lifespan.

Miliyo martbo mitti a khe - taddainh, jaddanh aa - i - e - hun manjh jaan.

Sai has described human beings as earthen mud which gets the honour of becoming human being when jaan (a very small multitude of God) enters into it.

Biyaa b Allah joddia jisim - parr mattu (equal) N theendaa uhe insaan je. Kayo Allah darjo insaan jo - pahiriye deenh khaa parvardgaar.
Rakkhiyo rooh pahinjo - UN manjh kare kurib kartar.
Unhee a manjh makhilat Jo - biyo pato (knowledge) - n - kaihi khe kalab

God has created infinite creatures on this earth, but there is one and only one who has got the special rooh of God - that is human being. And in this world, only humans can understand God and His existence.

Human body derives its value only by entry of the soul into it. Even though there are other infinite creatures created along with soul but they cannot be compared and considered equal to human beings. God makes human beings worthy from day one of their birth as He placed his own small multitude (rooh) kindly into the body of humans and that makes humans special.

Bashiri (insaniat) maaliki (milikiat) hakiki kalab (sarir) -
tei ahin tuhinja taalib Uthi pahinjo paannu sujjaan.

Brain, thoughts and body (limbs) all the three are at ones discretions. Recognize ones own self.

Jii a sonaaro sodhe Son khe tia - tou sodh sarir, taa tou thie Benazir.

Like the goldsmith purifies gold, one has to purify ones body, thought and mind to become radiant and free from evil.

Heu jisim Issim khaa savaai tu - bhoraa bhelo jjaan.
Toheed jo - turaho khannu saan - ta pahuchii tu paar hin bhau saagar maa.

Your soul without Isim is useless. Securing faith in Allah the God Almighty and concentrating with devotion will be like an oar which will lead us safely to the shore - away from the hindrances of life and towards the way of God. There, at that time, ones Guru will be the guide.

Havas havaai a khaa moonh modd - ta tu pahuchin hikadam toor.
Hiu aatish ai aab athai un saa miliyal - un ji maniju - n - gaalih
Chaini tatvan saa tuhinjo chhaa - tu - n - aahiin aab - aatish - mitti - vaayu
To - mae katro kalsam jo aahe - jo Jaan Ali Chave naaswant n aahe
Jaddanh hin maa nikire jaan - ta rahe raggun (sariir) jo na koi nishan
Kadhu vaham vajood maa ajaayaa - ta tuhinjo thie hiu Safar sajaayo
All of God’s creation on earth consist of four tatvas i.e. air, water, fire and mud. Only living beings have five tatvas because jaan is added to it. This is called ‘rooh illahi’.

Once jaan leaves the body, it has no power to move; only Jaan (rooh illahi) is ever lasting. So, it is better for us to concentrate on jaan and take the right path in life so that we can reach our goal of life. To attain this goal, we have to forgo all the lustful desires.

We have to understand that we are not air, water, fire and mud. We are not only sharir but our existence is because of the fifth tatva i.e. rooh illahi - ‘katro kalsim jo‘. We should not obey our bodily pulls and lust but rather acknowledge our real existence. We should remember that when the soul departs from our body, we have no real existence. To successfully complete the tour of life, we should remove all types of misconceptions.

Jjaano, insanii jaamo Allaa - taddah - t - hunakhe pave nafe nuksaan ji khabar;
Allah - i - nazaaran ji vindur - Bi ddise tho insaan pave passoo - a - khe khabar - n - kaai

The human birth is supreme among all the creations of God on Earth. Only in this birth can one can have knowledge, power of understanding loss and benefit or enjoyment in life which no other creature can realize or feel. With his efforts and blessings, human beings can search for God. In this context, effort means hard work towards keeping away from shaitan, who is himself very powerful and can divert our thoughts away from concentration on issim.

Je jaaggii - ddian jaffa jisim khe;
Muhhu veddhe n sumhan - muan ji-a-saari raat.
Jisim-manjh isim chaalu rakhu - T lahe totaa jamdhoot ji jang.
Do not sleep for the entire night like a dead person; keep yourself awake. With continuous chanting and simiran of issim you will be never shaken by death and kaal.

Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.