Nawab Jaan Mohammad Khan was the third son of Nawab Gullam Allah Sahib (Governor Sahib). Just before Nawab Governor Gullam Allah Sahib left this mortal world, he handed over Fakiri Haal Dhagga to Nawab Jaan Mohammad Khan and conferred him the Gaadi. Nawab Jaan Mohammad Khan Sahib was the collector for some period during the beginning of the British Rule. Though he was engaged at young age to get married to his cousin, soon the Fakiri way of thinking made deep roads into his way of life and he started wearing Geru Libaas (dress) and came to be known as “Ahmer Posh” (Ahmer means amber color and Posh means Geru).  He also obtained Talqeen i.e. Isim from Sufi Hazrat Fazul Allah Shah i.e. Shah Kalandar Datta Pir. Soon after getting Talqeen, he started staying aloof from all the worldly affairs and had nurtured a thought of not getting married. When his father, the Governor Sahib came to know about this, he went to Sahib Kareem (Hazrat Fazul Allah Shah) and urged him to direct Jaan Mohammad to get married.

Sahib Kareem called for Jaan Mohammad Khan and, as urged by the Governor Sahib, asked Jaan Mohammad Khan to get married.  Upon this, Jaan Mohammad very humbly submitted himself before his Murshid and with folded hands said, “Kiblaa, You have already got me married to God Almighty. As such, I do not wish to marry again; but if you can kindly grant me some share from your Spiritual fortune, your humble servant shall have no objection to marry.”

Upon this Sahib Kareem said to Jaan Mohammad “You, the Fakir, have a share in is Fakir’s fortune and I grant you Allah and Pulah.” Subsequently, Fakir Jaan Mohammad Khan returend to Khanpur and soon got married. Sometime after marriage, Fakir Jaan Mohammad Sahib had to migrate from Khanpur to his own Jagirs (Estates), approximately three miles towards north Tando Adam, where he built his own village, called “SUTIYARI’. He lived there with his family for about 25 years and then on persistent requests from his other relatives from Tajpur, he migrated back to Khanpur .  He breathed his last in Khanpur and left this mortal world in the Hijri year 1278 i.e. 1868 A.D.

He was laid to rest in peace in the Mukkam (compound) of Sheikh lllyas alias “Jie Shah” beside the Mazaar of his father, the Governor Sahib. Fakir Jaan Mohammad Khan had three sons:

  1. Nawab Ali Gohar Sahib
  2. Fakir Nawab Gullam Allah Sahib Sani    [Second]
  3. Nawab Gullam Ali Mardan Sahib [Auliya Sahib]

Of these three brothers, Fakir Nawab Gullam Allah Sahib Sani succeeded his father  Nawab Jaan Mohammad Khan Awal and became the Gaadi Nashin.


Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.