The Start of ‘Spiritual Attainment’for Gullamallah.

Kalhoras and Mir Talpurs were two dynasties ruling in Sindh (part of current Pakistan) during that time. In the Hijri year of 1783 AD, there took place a famous war of Halani between Kalhoras and Mir Talpurs. The three Laghari brothers, Nawab Ali Mohammad Khan, Nawab Vali Mohammad Khan (Vazir-e-Azam) and Nawab Gullam Allah Khan Awal (Governor Sahib) supported the Mir Talpurs. The Kalhoras lost and Mirs won the war.

Nawab Gullam Mohammad Khan Laghari had been killed in a skirmish between these two dynasties in Hijri year 1189 i.e. 1775 AD.
In appreciation of the support of three Laghari brothers, the Mirs conferred on them the Title of “Nawabs”
Subsequently, the Mirs gave the post of Vazir-e-Azam to Nawab Vali Mohammad Khan and conferred the Governorship of Tharparkar Region of Sindh to Nawab Gullamallah Khan Awal. Through his administrative competency, intelligence and vast knowledge, the Governor Sahib ascended the highest position during the reign of Mirs from the period between Hijri year 1230 to 1249 (i.e. 1817 to 1836 AD).

The Governor Sahib was the in charge of the entire Thaparkar region and lived in the fort of Umerkote. He was responsible for the protection of entire border of Sindh and so he used to be in direct correspondence with the Gaikwad of Baroda and Maharaja of Jodhpur.

Even though Governor Sahib was extremely rich and royal, he had deep leanings towards the spiritual. He was a great ‘AULIYA’ and a perfect ‘VALI’. He obtained Talqueen or Issim from Sufi Hazrat Makhdoom Fazul Allah Shah of Dargah Jhoke Sharif.

One day Nawab Governor Sahib happened to go for kadam bosi to Hazrat Sai Fazul Allah Shah Sahib at Dargah Jhoke Sharif. Sai Fazul Allah Shah was the Sujjada Nashin of Dargah Jhoke Sharif and was respectfully addressed as “Sahib Karim”. Nawab Governor Sahib was in his formal official dress and was accompanied by the troops under his command. He ordered his troops to camp at a distance. He dismounted from his horse, went bare foot for the kadam bosi, bowed to the Sahib Karim in respect and sat along with the group of other Fukrah present there. Harza Siddique Mohammed Sahib, another Mureed of Sai Fazul Allah Shah Sahib was also sitting in the same group.

Sahib Kareem addressed Hazrat Siddique Mohammad Sahib and said, “Muafah of Mir Jahan Allah Shah is on the way who-ever will go and offer his shoulder to that Doli will be rewarded and his seven generations will be bestowed with Rahmat-E-Illahi”.

Fakir Siddique Mohammad Sahib did not respond. Sahib Karim repeated but Fakir Siddique Mohammad still did not respond. At this stage Governor Gullamallah Sahib requested Sahib Karim with folded hands, “Kibla (my lord), May I please offer myself?” Sahib Karim replied “Yes, you may.” Nawab Governor Sahib ran in the same official dress. After crossing the “Mori” (water channel), he saw the Muaffah (Doli) of Hazrat Mir Jaan Allah Sahib Shah Sahib approaching, carried by Fakirs (his disciples). Governor Sahib requested the Fakirs in the front to give way so that he could offer his shoulder to the Muaffah. From inside the covered Muaffah, Meer Jaan Allah Shah congratulated Governor Sahib and loudly announced Gullamallah, you have won. Whatever has been said by Sahib Karim is accepted in the Darbar-E-Illahi (God Almighty). As such seven Generations of your family will be bestowed with Rahmat-E-Illahi.

Physically, Meer Jaan Allah Sahib had no vision in his eyes. But his inner soul was so enlightened that he came to know whatever Sahib Karim said in his Darbar to Nawab Sahib. With his Spiritual Powers he also confirmed that the same has been accepted in Dargah Illahi.

Note: Meer Jaan Allah Shah Sahib was Sujjada Nashin of Dargah Meer jaan Allah Shah of Rohiri, Sindh and one of the favoured Khalifas of Dargah Jhoke Sharif.


Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.