Respected FAKIR Vadal Sai Gullamallah


Vadal Sai was the first son of Sai Jaan Ali Badshah. He was considered the re-incarnation of Auliya Sahib. He was Fakir Gullamallah. With great reverence, his father Sai Jaan Ali Badshah did not call his son by the name “Gullamallah”; and instead started addressing him as “Vadal” who was later popularly known as ‘Vadal Sai’ by all.

At the young age of 15 years Vadal Sai Gullamallah was blessed with Fakiri Haal Daaga and Isme-illahi by Fakir Jaan Ali Sai (his father). Vadai Sai was very large-hearted. He used to bless his Mureeds with everything they asked, including all worldly matters and materials as well as RAH-E-ILLAHI. When a person desired a son, he would simply give Vadal Sai a one rupee coin, and would be blessed with a son. In one such instance, a mark of one rupee coin was noted on the body of new born son of a mureed who gave one rupee coin to Vadal Sai.

Once, when his own wife presented one rupee coin and requested a son, he refused saying that all his blessings were only for his disciples. Vadal Sai Fakir Gullamallah declared that all the disciples of Dargah Sutiari are his own children and proclaimed all his Mureeds are His Noori children. He never had his own child.

Vadal Sai left this mortal world at the young age of 39 years on 7th November 1944. While Sai Jaan Ali Badshah was still alive, Vadai Sai was laid to rest inside the Tomb of Dargah Sutiari by the side of Auliya Sahib Gullamallah and that day is celebrated at Dargah Sutiari at Pakistan as well as at Darveshdar Malad Bombay. Sai Jaan Ali Badshah then passed on Haal Dhaaga and the responsibilities of the Fukrah (Mureeds) to his third son Fakir Haji Noor Ahmed Khan Sahib.

Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.