Respected FAKIR Haji Noor Ahmed Khan Sahib


Nawab Haji Noor Ahmed Khan Sahib was the third son of Sai Jaan Ali Badshah. Haji Noor Ahmed Khan Nawab Sahib himself was a great Sai of high spiritual powers. He led his life in a simple way as a great Nawab, Zamindar and administrator. He was the holder of the Haal of Dhaaga Sutiari. He carried on full responsibilities of Gullamalllahi Fukrah, but he never physically sat on the throne on the yearly Mela day, it is customary to do so. Haji Nawab Noor Ahmed Khan received the right to Gaadi and the Haal Dhaaga after the demise of Vadal Sai Gullamallah (his elder brother) in year 1944. At that time, his father Nawab Jaan Mohammad alias Fakir Jaan Ali Sai Ainak Waro Badshah (the Bespectacled Sai) was still alive and he himself handed over the Haal Dhaaga to Haji Nawab Noor Mohammed Khan.

Haji Nawab Noor Ahmed Khan simply kept the Haal Dhaaga as Amanat (guardian of someone else’s property) of Auliya Sahib so that he will hand it over to its rightful Hakdaar (owner) at the right time. The rightful claimant was his own second son, Fakir Paryal Sai Gullamallah and the right moment came in 1971. Haji Sahib handed over the Amanat to Fakir Paryal Sai, covered him with Haal Dhaaga and the Taj of Auliya Sahib. Fakir Paryal Sai ascended the throne (Fakiri Takht) at Dargah Sutiari Sharif and then Suffiana Kalaam were sung in praise of Allah and Fakir; and acceptance (Taslimiyat) of the Gaadi (Sujada).


Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.