Mureed is the follower / devotee / person taken under his charge by murshid only by hukume allahi. The mureed makes persistent efforts to understand the path towards God Almighty which is possible only with the blessings of murshid. The mureed can keep himself away from wrongs of worldly life like ego, power, selfishness, greediness and thanklessness under the guidance of murshid.

The mureed should be clean hearted, should have love and respect towards his murshid and utmost faith in him. It is important for the mureed to have honest relationship with his murshid. The mureed is expected to have utmost devotion towards murshid and accept ways of life in accordance to the guidelines provided by his murshid.

The mureed is supposed to attend in person as much as possible whenever murshid makes his gracious presence. In fact, murshid and his graciousness is always available at his asthaana-his place of worship. The mureed should be polite in his prayers, humble in his thoughts and surrendered in his mind before his murshid because Guru is his guide on his path to God.

Single minded devotion is essential for mureed on the path of spirituality.

Selected verses from “Kashaf-al-Karamat”

The verses selected from Kashaf-al-Karamat in the book brings to light the essentials listed below:
    • Noble messages from murshid to mureeds in different perspectives.
    • Right control of mind and thoughts
    • State of condition of mureed without the grace of murshid
    • Righteous means of living a worthy life.
    • Righteous actions to be performed
    • Projection of heart towards love for God
    • Self-discovery of mind to experience divine consciousness
    • Control of senses, mind and intellect to remain in contemplation of truth.

For Gulamallahis, our murshid is Fakir Gulamallah and Gaadi nashins of Silsila - e - Gullamallahi in perpetuity. He will come again and again until perpetuity to take care of his mureeds.

The great and majestic Sai Janali Badshah in Kashafal- Karamat says:

Saas - o - saas sumriyo sabhayi - allah.
Guru - a - re gam - agam - ji pavandi pritam kaan,
Re rahibar raaz roohani.
Hargiz - na - mogha maninde.

In every breath remember God. Without Guru you cannot find the path to God. Without a spiritual master, it is impossible to realise spiritual secrets.

People have the information about God but not the exact knowledge. Man thinks that he knows God but in reality, he does not. He only knows about a portion of the whole. The proof that God exists is hidden and will remain hidden till eternity. God remains omnipresent. 30 31 Only Peer, Murshid, Guru or the man of God can give this knowledge because he already knows it with wisdom blessed to him by God. Murshid can give you the knowledge by showing the way to God. Peer murshid the wise acquires abundant knowledge and wisdom, only with immense hard efforts in the spiritual field. He has experienced it from the depth of his heart and realizes that God is not a separate entity, because without God (within his), he does not exist.

“Thou and I”, “Thou and I”, with no “Thou or I” shall become one through your own realisation. That is why:


God is hidden within pure hearts. If you want to seek him, seek him in those hearts. One has to first empty the heart of all other things and then search with complete faith. During that time true thoughts flood in. This flood of true thoughts is love. One, who loves God, loves murshid. So, the murshid loves those clean hearted Mureeds. Mureed is the one who always concentrates on chanting of guru mantra (isim) which the guru has given for remembrance of God. Such a person can create the best place in his mind/soul for God to reside within Those who truly seek the path of enlightenment proceed with strong determination and dictate terms to their mind. Person with such a mind-set is called “Gurmukh”. The opposite is “Manmukh”, a person who does not have control over his mind but is controlled by the mind. This person always lives with illusion and evil. This is brought about by the saying that, “Mind is a bad master, but a good servant”.

A typical manmukh person is normally proud, arrogant; a liar is never satisfied and is always craving for worldly benefits. But with kindness and blessings of murshid, he too gets the understanding for better living and faith in god. This can always give him the confidence in bhakti and prayer. This can give him the power to master his mind and convert from Manmukh to Gurmukh.

Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.