Respected Fakir Muneer Sai


Hazrat Sufi Fakir Muneer Hussain is the present Gaadi Nashin at Dargah Sutiari. He is popularly and fondly referred to as ‘Muneer Sai’.
Muneer means “SHAMAS” in Arabic and “SUN” in English. Beshak - Iashak (without any doubt), Muneer Sai is like the SUN in Gullamallahi Fukrah today. He brightens the hearts and minds of His disciples and followers. He polishes the souls of his loved ones and those who love him. He is the lord of all hearts. Muneer Sai is the first son of Fakir Paryal Sai Gullamallah. He was born on 12th December, 1969 after Ramzan Id. Since childhood, the traits of Fakiri and Nawabi were very prominent in Sai. At the age of 12, he went through severe health problems. The problem started with high fever and then resulted into major complications. The doctors were very worried; they were putting in their best efforts to save the life of Muneer Sai. In spite of all the chaos around, Fakir Sai, who had immense faith and confidence in God, assured that Muneer Sai will live a long life. In 1988, Muneer Sai visited India. He was deeply impressed by compassionate Indian Mureeds. Indian Fukrah are very fortunate to be intimate with Muneer Sai since his childhood. In 1990, when Muneer Sai was in India, the sad news of death of Fakir Sai reached India and Sai had to proceed to Pakistan immediately. On the fourth day at a family function, Muneer Sai was declared as the head of the family as well as Gaadi Nashin of Dargah Sutiari. In the same year during the annual mela of Auliya Sahib at Dargah Sutiari, Muneer Sai formally accepted Haal Dhaaga through the auspicious hands of Hazrat Dada Sai of Dargah Jhoke Sharif.

In 1991, Muneer Sai came to India. The Indian Taj Poshi Rasam was conducted at Darveshdar in Malad, Bombay. Subsequently, in the month of October 1991, during the annual mela of Auliya Sahib, maximum number of Indian Fukrah attended the mela and got an opportunity to witness our Murshid presiding on the Takht with Haal Dhaaga. Thereafter, for more than six years Muneer Sai restricted himself to his house at Hyderabad, Sind. He remained aloof and in Ibadat.

He ignored all the necessities of his regular life. But fortunately he made himself available to the entire Gullamallahis Fukrah through telephonic conversations as well as ‘Kashaf’, showering His love and blessings to them.

>Muneer Sai is wholeheartedly taking utmost care of entire Fukrah of Fakir Sai Gullamallah as his own family. Whosoever comes to Him, with humbleness in the heart, faith in mind and the depth in the submission, Muneer Sai is a “Rahanuma” i.e. guide to them.


Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.