Murshid – A guide towards spiritual path.


Murshid possesses incredible powers which helps us at all times and he also showers perpetual grace if we are willing and ready to believe in him. Murshid shows us the spiritual path. When we are spiritually awakened we are much more alive, sensitive and open to divine guidance and instruction to a remarkable degree.

If we choose to live our lives guided by the divine force, we must make contact with and become attuned to our divine source; the infinite intelligence which we call God.

Jin jiare paann mariyo - se mili via maalik saa,
se sumhann sukh n bhaaeen.
Rahan raatyoo ai ddeeh - Ram saa,
parvaah n tin khe jagg jahan ji.
Khaadhe Pite ai pareevaar ji - rujoo rahan sadaai Sarkaar saa,

SThis is the only description of the real ‘allah lok’. Allahlok, unique people of God, are those who are always one with God and away from the material world. They spend day and night towards remembrance of God and remain aloof from worldly things. They are neither keen about food nor worried about necessities of life for themselves as well as for their families because they are totally (rujoo) engrossed and attached with God. They have full faith that God will take care of everything.

These Allah lok, special people of God, have been given birth on the earth, for the benefit of all human beings as they help them to show the right path towards God.

Murishid jo munhh ddisann saa - thaa thiyan ddukh ddeel maa duur.
Tu tiin je halu huzoor manjh - taa karzan ai marizan khaa aazaad thii.
Jee a hoo harahik saa - kare bhalaayoo beeshumar.
Tin Jo thindo n vaaru viingo - Je mudaami tha mukh sandan ddisan.

With the sight/darshan of murshid, all pains remain away from our body and heart. In his noble presence, we can free ourselves from diseases and debts. Murshid provides abundance benevolence and continuous presence around murshid will let out all our difficulties of life.

E hiiaa haaj hikiddi kar - Jaa acche priee khe pasand.
T tuo maanni moggaa anand - faarig thie fannaa vaari a fikiraat khaa.
Atthaee pahir ISIM saa - thii rujoo deevaani dil.
Priee khe paann mae - e cchaakar de jaai.
Taa lahe unih jii haai haai - rahii maath manjh Miskeen chave.
Taa hoo thie to saa haami - Nis din acchii Nawab chave.

We should do only those deeds which are acceptable to murshid in order for us to derive happiness and peace. One should always be eager to engross oneself with murshid. As we get engrossed with murshid and let him be placed in oour hearts then we will feel contented and experience calmness. It is then and only then that murshid will support us to the fullest in achieveing our life’s goal.

Satgur savaai sansso n vajje - todde heeu vajje yaa rahe.

Without support of guru, mental disturbance will never be exterminated.

Surat sache satgur ji - rakhu niss din nazar manjh saari.
Vathi isim satgur khaa - athai pahir ucchaar.
Vaando kare vahiman khaa vajood - t pooro thie e maksood.

All the time visualize the face of satguru. Take isim (naam) from satguru and chant it every moment. Free yourself from superstitious happenings to achieve the purpose of your life. While the purpose of life as a human being is to realise God. That can be achieved only with the help of guru with utmost obedience, faith and confidence in him and chanting of isim most of the time, during day and night.

Kaddah n cchaddindui kaal - Ajju subhaa kandui zaval
Vari to khe n milandai - hee a joon insaan ji.
Moor u dhiyaan n ddinui - e - dil divaani dildar ddaah.

Kaal (death) will never excuse one and is bound to destroy us. Kaal will not wait for us or grant us more time to live our human life or to remember God at that time. This implies that our body is mortal. One fine day, when our life ends, we will repent for all the wasted time. Our body is perishable, so we need to learn to have faith in God in order to attain eternal bliss. If we do not attain eternal joy in this mortal world, then our life has been in vain.

Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.