Guru Shabd

Satt Guru Govind Dayal
Narayan Nirankar
Alakh Avinaasi
Utaarat Faasi
Hartaa Kartaa
Puran Bhagwan
Akaal Ajuni
Nirbhav Nirvaer
Manakh Janm
Suraj Swaroopi
Jyot Mahaajyot
Nirkhat Navkhand Sunho Jaap
Bakhaane Aap
Sach Shabd Nij Naam
Rom Rom Pukaarat Ram
Bolya Guru Gulaam Allah Jogi
Agam Panthi
Alvi Avesi Avataar

Real Murshid is the kind divine God himself. He has no single image or form and is the one and only one present everywhere at all times. He who can free one from the circle of life and death is the all encompassing divine energy. He has been present from time immemorial and does not belong to any particular race or species. He is the fearless, free spirited king and does not have any malice or enmity with any one. He is the bright shining sun in human form. He is the guiding light in the universe and shows us the path to meditation. The ‘naam’ of Guru is the only pure and real thing in the world and is a part of every cell in our body.

These are the words of The Great Fakir Gullam Allah who is the One with higher level of spirited vision and is God in human form.

Haque Maujud. Sada Maujud.